Collecting Coins: A Pleasant Surprise


In 2013, I started collecting S$1 and saving it in my Coke coin bank and I almost had it 80% filled.  S$1 is roughly equivalent to 34Php depending on exchange rate.

Feeling too lazy to count it, bring it to a bank to deposit (the fee to deposit coins even minimal is a turn off) or bring to a hawker stall to have it changed, I have been slowly changing the S$1 coins to bills for the past few months.

I was pleasantly surprised that I have changed 60% of the coins and the bills are now around S$450.

This S$450 is extra money that I can use for whatever I want.

For example:

  • I can go shopping and splurge for myself
  • Use some of it for Christmas shopping
  • Give some amount for World Vision’s Noche Buena gift packs program
  • Donate to a group who is organizing a Christmas event for less fortunate kids at Enchanted Kingdom (EK)
  • Buy a round trip plane ticket to Manila for Chinese New Year in Feb 2015

This is the power of coins.

We oftentimes take coins for granted because the value is too small or too heavy to carry in our coin purse or wallet.

But once accumulated it can mean a lot.

As the elders often say, one peso is important as it can never be a hundred if we don’t have one peso.

So, why don’t you take on the challenge to collect coins? Who knows?  You might just receive a pleasant surprise such as I did. 🙂


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4 Responses to Collecting Coins: A Pleasant Surprise

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  2. Ana says:

    Cool, i also practice this and i can collect about 100sgd in 3 months. I consider this my surprise fund because you will just be surprise on how much $1 can turn!!

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