A Love Affair for the Heart and Soul

wv sg

In November last year, I celebrated my first year anniversary of partnership with World Vision Philippines.  This love affair is good not only for the heart but also good for the soul.

I actually started my partnership with World Vision initially with Singapore in Dec 2011, which I allocated a certain percentage from my Love Offering Fund.  I sponsored a child from Bohol, Philippines for 45S$ (~ 1,500Php) a month until mid-Sept 2013 when the Bohol ADP was ending and they were offering to change my sponsored child to be from Thailand.

Supposedly, they were ending Bohol and transitioning to Boracay.  I don’t have anything against sponsoring children from other countries but I wanted to help first my fellow countrymen before attempting to help other nationalities.

This proved to be a blessing in disguise as it prompted me to check out World Vision Philippines and see if they are looking for sponsors.  The other good thing is the cost for sponsoring a child is only 600Php (~ 19S$) so I was actually able to sponsor more children by going directly to World Vision Philippines.

They are looking for more sponsors and I encourage you to share your love and blessings to a child in need.  What I love about World Vision is that they are not only helping the child but as well as the community.  Visit the website for more details: http://www.worldvision.org.ph/sponsor-child

Happy hearts day everyone!

Live, love and enjoy life 🙂

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