I am Moving…

Dear readers, it is with mixed emotions that I share with you the good news that I am moving and hopefully this time for good, or at least for now it seems that way.

You may be wondering what I am talking about 😀

Money Matters will be closing down soon as I am moving to the new blog: Master Your Life & Finances (Time to Thrive).  Why?  Because I wanted to improve the layout and content that I am covering with the aim of sharing more with my readers not just on personal finance but on also on other aspects of our life which is needed to feel real happiness and contentment.

Please visit the new home of my blog: http://wengfeliciano.com/.

I humbly ask for your patience as we are in the transition period and I have just realized that some old posts still have my original blog name “Ms. Piggy’s Corner” so I have my work cut out for me in the next few months aside from my other activities.

I will also be working on something that I am targeting to have at least a 1st draft by 1st Nov 2017 as I wanted to end the year with a lot of boxes ticked off from my goals this year but more so because I want to give and share more this year in terms of my time, knowledge and skills because I want to make a difference everyday in whatever way i can.

Thank you for being loyal readers for the past years.  I hope you will continue to be loyal readers even if I am moving.  I also hope you appreciate the layout and content especially in the next few months and please feel free to PM me or leave a comment if you have feedback, suggestions or topics you wish that I will cover.  🙂

I’ll see you on the other site. 🙂


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